Edward Ficklin

Wonder Queer Powers, Activate!

published3 months ago
1 min read

Flame Con returns! August 20 and 21, at the Times Square Sheraton, NYC.

For more details and tickets, visit

I’ll be a free radical floating about the event both days, as opposed to setting up the traveling emporium in that over air-conditioned 70s extravaganza hotel ballroom. (Seriously, that carpet!) The redoubtable Doable Guys will have a selection of my comics available at their table. Stop by and peruse all their voluminously delicious offerings! Queer is lovely, but queer and kinky is where it’s at!

Of course, darling, I’ll definitely give you my own particular run-down after the event. Stay tuned.

If you’re going, smash the reply button and let me know. I’d love to say hi.

Until next time, flame on! 🔥

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