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The Queer Quantum Dispatch

Making your world a little less straight.

Darlings, how are you? Looking fabulous as always. 😘

Rounding out the recent fascination with things spacey and sciency, today I bring you some fun sci-fi comics that you can really sink your teeth into. Whether you're heading into the cold dark of winter and want some binge reading, or planning your beach escapes and need some fun entertainment to bring along, I've got you covered.

Of course, with epic stories like I’m about share, it’s all about the plot. May I present the plot:

Seriously, though, I’ve got two larger than life, bawdy, futuristic adventures that will knock your socks off. And if you’ve never delved into comics or graphic novels, then these two hefty reads will be a great place to start.


Art by Fiona Staples
Written by Brian K. Vaughan

Love at first expletive. You could think of this as Romeo and Juliet in outer space and not be too far off. That’s the starting point in concept, but Vaughan and Staples go way beyond that. Instead, they take the star crossed lovers, different races on opposite sides in a war that has forced an entire galaxy to pick sides, and put them, and everyone they come in contact with, through the wringer. Repeatedly.

Wasted Space

Art by Hayden Sherman
Written by Michael Moreci

We don’t need another hero. Which is good, because you aren’t really going to find much in that department here. This is another exploration of flawed individuals in impossible circumstances. It’s as much about the adventure as it is the circuitous and non-linear journey of self-discovery (or denial, as the case may be). We open with Billy and Dust on the run. Billy, formerly the mouthpiece of a deity known at the Creator, is now in hiding after having helped the Creator bring a dictator into power. His friend Dust is a robot built originally for assassination, but reprogramed to instead provide sexual gratification. Through many a twist and turn, they make it their mission to destroy the Creator to both save the galaxy and, maybe, assert some independence.

Alas, the queerness of both is limited. Wasted Space is very straight the whole way through. Saga, at least, has some lovely queer inclusivity surrounding the small family at the center of the story. I can’t really recommend either if what you’re after is queer-centered adventure.

If that’s not a deal breaker, then...

The artwork in both books is compelling, expressive, raw, and totally fitting their respective stories. There’s clarity and emotional impact above all, instead of self-conscious polish and pizzaz that infects too many mainstream comics—looking at you, Marvel and DC. Each artist has a distinct voice. They aren’t trying to fit into trends or follow corporate playbooks.

The stories are fun, epic, sweeping, and self-contained. They go for the jugular. They don’t hold back on the sex, the adventure, or the social commentary!

Where to buy

Saga: Compendium 1

Saga is a series that’s still going. Start with this chonk of a book, then you can pick up with last year’s volume 10 and this year’s volume 11.

Wasted Space: The Cosmic Collection

Wasted Space, on the other hand is done. So here's the whole enchilada.

Who doesn’t love a nice package? 😉

Comix Starter Package

Compliment today’s sci-fi selections five bawdy tales of himbo-venture among the stars. Thrills, spills, and plenty of 🚀,🍑,🍆,✨!

Until next time, flame on! 🔥

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Edward Ficklin (he/him), the maverick artist not afraid to say gay, is dedicated to creating erotic art as a pathway to liberation for all. His surrealist work centers the nude figure exploring its own delights, ranging from the sensual to the ecstatic. In defiance of the societal forces attempting erasure by legislation, algorithm, or so-called “community” standards, he delights viewers with imagery of sex and body positivity. His paintings have appeared in NYC galleries like Foley Gallery and the SoHo Project Space, national exhibitions dedicated to erotic art such as CLAW Leather Getaway Kinky Art Show and Tucson Erotica, and numerous naughty, but high quality, publications like Erotic Edges, Doable Guys, and Dirty Little Drawings. He likes his martinis straight up, with a twist, and, of course, made with gin. He adores the grit, freedom, and wild unpredictability of urban existence and continues, likely to the grave, attempts to get that orchid plant to bloom again.

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